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Monday, June 16, 2008

Faith Ringgold Inspiration Quilt

My daughter's one room schoolhouse (yes, one room, no I don't live in a little house on the prairie) just did a study on slavery and part of that included an author's study of Faith Ringgold - http://www.faithringgold.com/ . In honor of her work the students created a "quilt" incorporating her theme of flying. Each child first designed themselves out of fabric and then on paper, painted a background of where they would fly to. After they affixed themselves to the paper, they added a fabric border. This photo show the completed quilt.

Row Robin 08

I haven't had much time to post as this latest row robin has been happening (doing the workload of 2 the last month had me slowed down quite a bit), but here is Deb's row (well, 1/2 a row is all I got in the photo, but you can visualize the rest). I had a lot of fun experimenting with fabric discharge on these blocks. I'm pleased with the shadow effect that was achieved.