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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Round of Cuddle Quilts

With the price of fuel for heating, I anticipate that this year the need for some cozy quilts for the children we serve in our supervisory union will far excced those that were donated last year. Many of our students have moved on and we have a new batch of kiddos coming our way. While we certainly have famililies who have the means of providing for themselves, many are from lower socio-economic and/or limited educational backgrounds. My goal is to provide these children with a) something to keep them warm and b) something of their own made especially for them.
Anyone willing to help? Last year we received over 45 cuddle quilts, afghans, and fleece throws. The only parameters are that they be something warm that a child will love. I can be contacted here or through the about.com quilting forum.
Happy quilting!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Faith Ringgold Inspiration Quilt

My daughter's one room schoolhouse (yes, one room, no I don't live in a little house on the prairie) just did a study on slavery and part of that included an author's study of Faith Ringgold - http://www.faithringgold.com/ . In honor of her work the students created a "quilt" incorporating her theme of flying. Each child first designed themselves out of fabric and then on paper, painted a background of where they would fly to. After they affixed themselves to the paper, they added a fabric border. This photo show the completed quilt.

Row Robin 08

I haven't had much time to post as this latest row robin has been happening (doing the workload of 2 the last month had me slowed down quite a bit), but here is Deb's row (well, 1/2 a row is all I got in the photo, but you can visualize the rest). I had a lot of fun experimenting with fabric discharge on these blocks. I'm pleased with the shadow effect that was achieved.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Those Poker Playin' Dogs

I bought this panel quite some time ago, quilted it up and there its sat. Sam was bugging me about finishing it so he can hang it in his room. Well, finally put a binding and sleeve on it, so its ready to hang! Not my finest work, but a cute, quick little wallhanging none the less.

March Block Lotto

Here's a few blocks for this month's lotto-pretty little 6" shoo flys.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Crazy Quilt Row

Well, Jeanne's row arrived on Wednesday, & I got started on it right away. I must have been in a groove because I finished 2 blocks Wednesday, 3 yesterday, and the last one this morning. I love the willy nilly way of piecing these. It really speaks to my chaotic and disorganized personality, yet is all nicely put together in the end. Seems to me that I am a crazy quilt!
My biggest challenge was finding different fabrics and textures (since I work pretty much only with quilters cotton). Last night, laying in bed I suddenly thought of a dress that my daughter received in a bag of hand-me-downs. It was a HORRIBLE black velvet with pink satin and lace number. I hated it (even though she loved it) and while I am quite generous in allowing Faye to develop her own style, this one got hidden way in the back of my closet. i guess there was a reason I didn't throw it out. I am passing along a bit of the velvet and lace in case it might be helpful to any of the ladies that will be working on this one in the future.

Jeanne's row is on top, mine is below.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Row Robin '08

The new row robin on the about forum has begun. I finished my first row (batik stars on Venetian Glass) and its ready to mail. I also recieved my first row-black & white crazy quilt and got started on it yesterday. It's a new style for me, but so far so good...