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Friday, February 29, 2008

Crazy Quilt Row

Well, Jeanne's row arrived on Wednesday, & I got started on it right away. I must have been in a groove because I finished 2 blocks Wednesday, 3 yesterday, and the last one this morning. I love the willy nilly way of piecing these. It really speaks to my chaotic and disorganized personality, yet is all nicely put together in the end. Seems to me that I am a crazy quilt!
My biggest challenge was finding different fabrics and textures (since I work pretty much only with quilters cotton). Last night, laying in bed I suddenly thought of a dress that my daughter received in a bag of hand-me-downs. It was a HORRIBLE black velvet with pink satin and lace number. I hated it (even though she loved it) and while I am quite generous in allowing Faye to develop her own style, this one got hidden way in the back of my closet. i guess there was a reason I didn't throw it out. I am passing along a bit of the velvet and lace in case it might be helpful to any of the ladies that will be working on this one in the future.

Jeanne's row is on top, mine is below.

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