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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Quilts Have Been Pouring In!

Okay, so I haven't updated in quite a while, but wow have we been blessed. Thanks go out to so many people. We received a donation of over a dozen infant quilts from Project Linus, 2 I Spy quilts from Sophie and Colene and the About.com quilting forum, fleece throws and scarves from Anna in Illinois, 2 beautiful whole cloth quilts from Chanda in Montana, 5 quilts from Julie in IL (sock Monkeys garden girls, rubber duckies, Mickey Mouse and hermit crabs), a beautiful 30s repro cat quilt from Pat in NM and 3 quilt tops from AnneMarie (2 of which I have completed)

We've started ditributing them, much to the joy and surprise of our families!

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